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Central Virginia Teaching Team

John Kang - Head Instructor

After studying Taiji Quan, northern Shaolin Kung Fu, and Shorinji Kempo, John formally learned Wing Chun under Sifu Lo Man Kam while living in Taiwan. At the time, there were many occasions to spar against and learn from practitioners of Seidokaikan and Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Western boxing, Aikido, Judo, Sambo, Western wrestling, Jujitsu, Chen and Zheng Taiji, and several other styles of Kung Fu. After returning to the U.S., he has continued to explore Wing Chun, learning advanced footwork from Sifu Lo's son, Gorden Lu; fighting drills from Sifu Duncan Leung and his student Sifu Mike Shea; drills, ideas, and mid-level kicks from Sifu Akko Nishimura of Francis Fong's lineage; approaches and drills from seminars with Sifu Randy Williams; and varied use of elbows and knees from Daniel Munkus of Sifu Jim Lau's lineage. He also studies Internal martial arts with Sifu Johnny Jang in Oakland.

After teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area for four years, John has moved back to Richmond to open up an acupuncture practice.

Matt Ely - Instructor

Matt Ely started learning Wing Chun from the Sifu Duncan Leung Lineage when Sifus Brian Edwards and Larry Saccoia opened a school in Richmond in the 1987. He later learned from an Augustine Fong lineage while in the Navy in Florida, before returning to Richmond in 1991 to continue training with Sifu Saccoia. He concurrently trained irregularly at Sifu Leung's school in Virginia Beach. After the Richmond school closed, a group of the senior students continued training for several years. Matt joined the East-West Wing Chun Richmond School in 2003.

Matt teaches long-bridge techniques to the intermediate students in Richmond.

Jack Schell - Assistant Instructor

Jack Schell was one of the first students to start learning East-West Wing Chun after John Kang moved back to Richmond in July of 2003. He was very active in promoting Wing Chun through the University of Virginia club, and regularly comes to Richmond for training.

John Lewis - Assistant Instructor

John Lewis started learning Wing Chun under John Kang in September of 2003, after several years of training in Contemporary Wushu and Muay Thai.

John assists in the Richmond class.

Jason Little - Assistant Instructor

Jason Little has a strong background in martial arts, having started in Tae Kwon Do. He has also practiced Muay Thai, Taiji, and Buddha Hand Wing Chun before learning Wing Chun Kung Fu from John Kang. He is the best practitioner to come out of the Richmond group so far, with excellent skills in Chi Sao and application. Despite injuring his foot, he still placed third in heavyweight intermediate sparring at the 2005 Wong Tournament in Washington, D.C.

Jason leads the Northern Virginia Workgroup.

Kiril Simov - Assistant Instructor

Kiril Simov is the senior-most student at the University of Virginia Workgroup.